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Lash beLong Short A style Volume Lashes

$69.00 (inc GST)

Lash beLong Short A style Volume Lashes

120 Count Short A Style Volume Lashes Black
Volume Extensions
Perfect for adding volume, filling in eyelash spaces and gaps, and eye enhancement. Volume Extensions will save you application time while increasing your clientele and income!

Visualise just one thin eyelash split 4 ways and finely joines together to form one hair at the end. A knot-free cluster of 4 extremely fine lashes for the most natural look possible.

Volume Extension Style A:

Style A has a slightly narrower width than Style B. The hairs on either side of the lash are longer than the hairs in the middle. Style A extensions come in Short and Medium lengths.

Volume Extension Style B:

Style B have a wider flare than Style A. They are distinguished by shorter hairs on either side of the lash and longer hairs in the middle.

- Place a volume extension on either side of an existing lash to fill in gaps and spaces.
- Clear adhesive is perfect for the volume extensions.