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Head Lice Products

Eco.Kid is ecologically responsible and kid friendly.

Eco.Kid uses certified organic, sulphate free, synthetic free, readily biodegradable ingredients.

No artificial preservative, fragrance or colouring.

Eco.Kid is an everyday range (for healthy living) specifically designed for preventing and treating the hair, scalp and skin issues that affect kids.

eco.kid Salon Deal

eco.kid Salon Deal


TLC 500ml

eco.kid TLC 500ml


Prevent Shampoo 500ml

eco.kid Prevent Shampoo 500ml


Daily Leave-in Tonic 500ml

eco.kid Daily Leave-in Tonic 500ml


Prevent Sensitive Shampoo 500ml

eco.kid Prevent Sensitive Shampoo 500ml


Hydrate Intense Conditioner 500ml

eco.kid Hydrate Intense Conditioner 500ml


Nourish Conditioner 500ml

eco.kid Nourish Conditioner 500ml


Bubbalicious Protection Paste 100g

eco.kid Bubbalicious Protection Paste 100g


Potion Lotion Moisturiser 250ml

eco.kid Potion Lotion Moisturiser


Bug-A-Bug Spray in 200ml spray bottle

eco.kid Bug-A-Bug Spray 200ml


Nourish Conditioner 250ml

eco.kid Nourish Conditioner 250ml


Prevent Sensitive Shampoo 250ml

eco.kid Prevent Sensitive Shampoo 250ml


Hydrate Intense Conditioner 250ml

eco.kid Hydrate Intense Conditioner 250ml


Prevent Shampoo in 250ml for daily use

eco.kid Prevent Shampoo 250ml


Lice Bomb 60g

eco.kid Lice Bomb