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Hair Colour - Refresher Shampoo

Gently Cleanses
and Compensates
Colour Loss

Colour recovers
Shine & Richness
Of their highlights

Hair becomes soft again.

Natural Look Silver Screen Shampoo -1Litre

Natural Look blonde shampoo in salon litre size


Natural Look Silver Screen Shampoo-250ml

Natural look blonde - purple shampoo


Lakme Teknia Ultra Claire Blonde Shampoo

Lakme refresher shampoo for blondes


Touch Purple Shampoo - For blonde Toning

Touch purple shampoo -Litre


Lakme Tekina Ultra Red Shampoo - 300ml

Lakme tekina red refresher shampoo


Lakme Teknia Ultra Gold Shampoo - 300ml

Lakme tekina gold refresher shampoo


Lakme Tekina Ultra Brown Shampoo - 300ml

Lakme brown refresher shampoo


Lakme Teknia Ultra Copper Shampoo - 300ml

Lakme tekina copper refresher shampoo


Natural Look Very Rich Violet Red Shampoo -250ml

Natural look violet red refresher shampoo


Natural Look Copper Gold Shampoo - 250ml

Natural look copper gold refresher shampoo


Natural Look Fire Red Shampoo -250ml

Natural look refresher fire red shampoo


Natural Look Caramel Shampoo-250ml

Natural look caramel refresher shampoo


Natural Look Intense Deep Red shampoo-250ml

Natural look intense red refresher shampoo


Natural Look Cool Chocolate shampoo-250ml

Natural look cool chocolate refresher shampoo


Natural Look Colourance Rose Blonde Shampoo - 250ml

Natural look rose blonde shampoo refresher


Natural Look Rich Chocolate Shampoo-250ml

Natural Look Rich Chocolate Refresher Shampoo


Natural Look Beige Blonde Shampoo - 250ml

Natural look beige blonde shampoo