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Multi Function 8 in 1


$1,349.00 (inc GST)

product code :45400

This efficient and easy-to-care-for eight-function facial machine is a complete unit. Buy this complete facial machine and save several hundreds of dollars when compared to purchasing each piece separately. The multi-function facial machine also saves space as everything is centrally located on a single space-saving rolling platform with sturdy roller wheels. This allows you to switch easily from facial to other services by simply rolling the unit into a corner or out of the room completely. This complete unit comes with everything an esthetician will need to get started! Functions: 1. Magnifying Lamp 2. Vaporizer Machine 3. Woods Lamp 4. Five Piece Brush Machine 5. Spray Machine 6. Vacuum Machine 7. High Frequency Machine 8. Galvanic Machine

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