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Strip Eyelashes

Accent - 318

$6.95 (inc GST)

Ardell Fashion Accents #318 are HALF (DOLL) LASHES. The Ardell Fashion Accents Collection contains half lash styles and are a natural alternative to full strip lashes! Half lashes can enhance density along the outer edge of your lashline.

Accents false lashes help "enhance" your already fabulous look. They are shorter than a regular strip lash and are to be used on the outer corners of the eyes for a cat-eyed look. The shorter length is perfect for a natural look with easy, fool-proof application. Accents can be worn for every occasion from formal to casually fun nights out. Use Ardell Lash Accents #318 to add just a touch of glamour & sophistication.

Handmade from 100% premium human hair, these false lashes draw attention to your eyes with graduated length and volume.

These lashes suit every occasion and are reusable. Best worn on small, large, round, almond and deep set eye shapes.