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Gel Support Products

Ceramic dappen dish with cork lid - WHITE

Ceramic dappen dish with cork lid - White


Dappen dish/lid

Dappen dish with Stainless Steel Lid


Glass Dappen Dish-beauty & nails

Acrylic Glass Dappen Dish.


French Nail Forms

French Nail Tip Forms


Horseshoe nail forms - disposable

Horseshoe nail forms - disposable roll


CJs Re-usable nail forms - striped silver

Re usable nail forms - striped silver


Toe Nail Clippers

Toe Nail Clipper. Stainless Steel.


CJs Fluid Pump 100ml

Fluid Pump 100ml


One way valve dispenser-hexagonal

One way valve dispenser - hexagonal


Monomer Fluid Pump - 250ml

Fluid Pump 250ml


Plastic Dappen Dish - beauty and nails

Plastic dapper dish - White with Lid


Plastic Dappen Dish - Beauty and Nails

Plastic dapper dish - blue


Plastic Dappen Dishes - beauty & nails

Acrylic Plastic Dappen Dish. Assorted Colours.


Dotting Tool-Nail Art-marbleising effect

Dotting tool - nail art tool


soak off bowl

Manicure Bowl - Soak off - pink trim


Nail Polish Discs - 5 piece pack

Nail polish disc - White/clear - 5pc


IBD Bonder. 14ml

ibd Bonder. 14ml


IBD Dehydrate

IBD Dehydrate - 14ml


IBD Intense Seal 14ml

ibd Intense Seal. 14ml


IBD Intense Seal 226ml

ibd Intense Seal 226ml


IBD Primer.14ml

ibd Primer.14ml


IBD Cleanser Plus- small size 59ml

ibd Cleanser Plus. 59ml


IBD Cleanser Plus-236ml

ibd Cleanser Plus 236ml


IBD Cleanser Plus-473ml

IBD Cleanser Plus


IBD Nail Prep. 118ml

ibd Nail Prep. 118ml


IBD Nail Prep. 473 ml

ibd Nail Prep. 473 ml


IBD Ultra Seal 14ml

ibd Ultra Seal. 14ml


IBD Ultra Seal 113ml

ibd Ultra Seal 113ml



ibd Top Coat. 14ml


IBD Topcoat - 118ml

IBD Topcoat 118ml