200ml ~ TAMING MASK ~ STEP TWO ~ PEPTAME Collection

200ml ~ TAMING MASK ~ STEP TWO ~ PEPTAME Collection

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200ml ~ TAMING MASK ~ STEP TWO ~ PEPTAME Collection


Welcome PEPTAME – ‘peptide’ proteins formulated to ‘tame’ even the most untameable of hair types.

We have created the fastest, easiest, most natural way to relax hair by simply shampooing.

Introducing a revolutionary, unique and ultra-speedy method of smoothing and conditioning hair.

In just 20 minutes at the basin your unruly hair will be tamed into a sleek, smooth, straight mane of manageable, weatherproof, glossy locks.

Peptame goes right back to nature to source 2 main active ingredients, Sun-kissed sugar cane peptides & glycolic acid, which eliminate the need for including the harsh damaging ingredients of your other commonly used straightening treatments.

These specially formulated ingredients work by penetrating the internal structure of the hair, re-building & restoring both internal & external hair fibres with incredible results.

The Peptame Retail Range helps maintain and extend the life of the Peptame Treatment and by binding the moisture to the individual hair shaft.

The Peptame Shampoo & Mask helps repair damaged hair by nourishing the hair from the inside out, resulting in smooth & silky hair. 

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