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Five Star Brush On Glue 7g
Five Star Brush On Glue 7g

Five Star Brush On Glue 7g

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Five Star Brush On Glue 7g

Five Star Premium Nail Glue can be used to apply nail tips, various nail art as well as for silk & fibreglass wraps.


  • Ensure the glue bottle is stored in a dry cool dark area, the fridge is recommended over the summer months
  • Glue should have good movement and not be thick and “gluggy”
  • Ensure the plastic nail tip is clean and free of oil from the fingers
  • Ensure the natural fingernail is cleaned and dehydrated before application
  • Apply small amount of tip glue the “well area” of the nail tip and compress on the clean natural nail plate
  • Ensure there is no air bubbles when compressing
  • Hold tip into position for at least 10 seconds (longer in cooler months)
  • If the tip is quickly removed due to the incorrect angle, file the dried glue from the nail plate and use a new nail tip on the nail
  • The glue can be removed at anytime using acetone