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Cadiveu - Hair Remedy - Repair Dose (Box with 6 Vials 15ml)
Cadiveu - Hair Remedy - Repair Dose (Box with 6 Vials 15ml)

Cadiveu - Hair Remedy - Repair Dose (Box with 6 Vials 15ml)

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Ampoule treatment for damaged hair. Cadiveu Hair Remedy Dose Reconstructive has a concentrated formula to treat the hair strands, promoting deep repair from the inside.

Its high technology performs sequential and gradual release of the active repairers, providing a prolonged effect of treatment. With ingredients that regenerate and rebuild the hair, Cadiveu Hair Remedy Dose Reconstructive returns strength and resistance hair strands. It also moisturizes to ensure a silky touch and an intense shine. Its hair strands replenish health and beauty, with softness, lightness and strength.

Action: 3D Maxx Injection: unique technology that restores the hair from damage, making it more resistant. It acts in rebuilding from the inside of the hair strands, ensuring health and beauty.

Patois oil: originating in the Amazon palm tree, it is rich in essential fatty acids. It moisturizes, restoring softness of cables and to help combat porosity and protection.
Biopolymers: regenerate the hair fibers from within, promoting deep repair.

Lactic Acid: protects the hair strands future mechanical damage and oxidation.

Aplication: After washing the hair with Shampoo Hair Remedy, apply the Restorative Hair Remedy Dose on clean and slightly damp strands, massage and enluve lock to lock. Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes in the heat source. Then rinse. Proceed with the use of Restorative Mask Hair Remedy.

Result: Hair has restored to health and the damage is reversed, and returned all the brightness, smoothness and resistance.