imix- Polish Mixer "Video Below"

imix- Polish Mixer "Video Below"

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  • Provides hands-free mixing
  • Thoroughly blends polish formulas
  • Programmable lighting display
  • imix® comes with 10 miXers, a miXtractor ,5m USB cable plus instruction info
  • Additional miXers available in packs of 20 and 50
  • miXers are easily removed from one bottle to another using miXtractor 
  •  Simply clean the miXer with acetone and pop it in the bottle

Drop a miXer into your bottle, replace the cap, shake once and place onto the imix® launch pad. Tap the on/off imix® button and watch the imix® blends and develops gel polish/polish back to its true colour. Start painting. 

Bonus ($84.65 Free)

  • 3 - ibd Gel Polish
  • 3 - Advance Wear Lacquer
  • 1 - 3.7ml Dadi Oil