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Feather Plier Razor
Feather Plier Razor

Feather Plier Razor

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  • Designed For Professionals; Lightweight With Impeccable Balance; Handle Design And Weight Supports A Professional Hair Cutting Tool That Allows The Blade To Glide Through The Hair Effortlessly; Enables Pure Haircutting Freedom For Cutting Or Shaping
  • Japanese Stainless Steel Body And Folding Silicon Resin Handle; Enables Complete Autonomy In Razor Hair Cutting And Resists Heat And Other Impurities; Most Hygienic Material Available
  • Removable Plastic Comb Guard; Advanced Replacement Blade Hairstyling Razor Without A Guard To Support The Most Experienced Razor Cutters Freedom And Prerogative; Removable Plastic Comb Guard Included
  • Simple Blade Replacements; The Blade Design Of The Plier Locks Into The Handle And Acts As One Piece To Give A High Quality Feel And Performance; This Handle Pairs With Feather Plier Blade Cartridges For Easy Blade Replacement And Disposal
  • Specifications; Black Handle Is Seven Point Five Inches; Stainless Steel Body Is Five Point Twenty Three Inches; Weighs Point Ninety Five Ounces; Compatible With All Artist Club Razor Blades
  • Made in Japan

Available In:

  • Black Razor (RAFPLIER).